How It Works

Our product explained in 4 simple steps.



Simple, seamless onboarding

We offer lite, standard, and premium subscription plans with a range of features to serve your business. Once you select that plan that is right for you, input your general and financial data, which we use to calculate your impact. 



An in-depth analysis of your footprint

Our impact dashboard displays environmental data about your company’s utilities, website, and cloud data storage. See the carbon emissions from different portions of your operations to understand where your biggest potential for reduction lies. 



Practical recommendations, made just for you

Based on your impact data, our software will craft custom recommendations for your company to reduce its carbon footprint and waste. These recommendations will include carbon offset solutions, pledges and certifications, energy efficiency, and the circular economy. You can choose to implement any of the given recommendations, and our software will easily track which ones your company follows through on.  



A custom sustainability report

Our custom impact page takes corporate transparency to the next level, allowing companies to share their environmental data with consumers, investors, or employees. The impact page displays the company footprint, tracks progress, and conveys future sustainability plans. 

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