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Yugen Earthside
Action Page

At Yugen Earthside, we care about our impact. Especially as part of the Travel & Tourism industry - a known contributor to the climate crisis - we believe in "walking the walk" in addition to "talking the talk". We also believe that transparency is crucial.

That's why we partner with Ecolytics: 1) to understand and improve how our operations affect the global environment, and 2) to easily share our commitment and actions with our community.

From our data storage to day-to-day operations, Ecolytics helps us transparently track the impact of every component of our business. See our action timeline for our most recent progress. We are constantly working to improve our impact. If you have questions about our Impact Intelligence, please reach out to us on our website.

Learn more on our general Climate Impact page and our blog post about Carbon Offsets & Carbon Removals Explained.