Upload Data as CSV

Bulk upload data to Ecolytics to add multiple entries at once.

Alternatively, automate your data upload to Ecolytics.

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  • Two easy steps:

  • Check column headers are compatible. See below for appropriate headers by data type.

  • Save as CSV and upload to Ecolytics.
    Feature in beta - If your file has more than 100 rows, separate the sheet into separate files of maximum 100 rows. If this is an issue, let us know.

Emissions Data

Column headers: Cost, Provider, Usage, Units, Billing frequency, Date billed
Column headers: Zip code

Freight Shipping
Column headers: orderId,  orderControlId,  containerControlId,  quantityLoaded,  quantityLoadedUnit,  quantity in  tons,  fullProductName, createdAt,  portOfOrigin,  portOfDestination

Column headers: Zip code

Social & Governance Data

Charity Donations
Column headers: Donation, Currency, Organization

Volunteer Hours
Column headers: Date of service, Hours, Organization

Supplier Data

For all suppliers
Column headers: Provider, Type, Cost, Date billed


Check for common mistakes when uploading files as CSV. If you are still experiencing difficulties, we recommend automating the data upload process. If you prefer to upload data as CSV, email support@ecolytics.io for additional assistance.

Common Mistakes

File not saved as CSV
Extra column/row not matching template
Over 100 rows in the file