Using impact intelligence to make businesses, better.

We're a team of environmental scientists and technical experts empowering businesses to harness social impact data.


1 Accessibility of sustainability metrics
2 Business advantages of sustainability
3 Societal and planetary benefit

Our Mission

Ecolytics is democratizing corporate sustainability. We believe every company should know their impact, and can harness that data to improve their business and the planet.

Our Company

Ecolytics is building the standard platform for impact intelligence — a single system that integrates environmental impact with traditional business metrics.

From our founder

Ecolytics was founded on three basic principles:

Breaking barriers to corporate sustainability.
Sustainability can be confusing and expensive. Ecolytics was invented to break knowledge and cost barriers with the mission to make every business know their impact and become more sustainable. 

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword.
For too long, social impact was defined as charitable contributions, rather than an integral part of business. Ecolytics lays out for businesses the clear financial incentives for becoming sustainable, while empowering them with the tools to take action and transform their business. We also give companies the ability to have transparency with their investors and consumers, so they can show off their progress and what sustainability means to them.

Empowering companies to make change for our future. 
Climate change is real, and its effects are here. The next decade is a critical point to decide our collective future, and the companies which work to improve their sustainability and make their businesses more resilient are the ones which will ensure their continued success and a livable planet.

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Hazel Horvath, Founder & CEO

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