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Automate Data Upload

Set up automation once and put impact measurement on autopilot. The video below explains how Ecolytics calculates impact, the main data sources we need, and how the customer can easily set up automation with Ecolytics.
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March 16, 2023


Never input another data point manually.

When you send all operational invoices and receipts to, we automate carbon emissions measurement and waste/resource use tracking. You can send individual emails with invoices and receipts attached or follow one of the instruction articles below to set up automation.

Ways to Automate

Set up bill forwarding with your email provider

  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Office

Through individual service provider

  • Instructions


What are some examples of operational invoices?

- Utilities (i.e. monthly energy bill, water bill)

- Data/Cloud Storage (i.e. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure)

- Company vehicles (i.e. fuel receipts)

- Paper/plastic products (i.e. office supplies/disposable kitchenware)

- Waste (i.e. dumpster fees, recycling/composting services)

- Raw materials


Make sure emails are coming from your company domain.

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