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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about partnering with Ecolytics.
What products or services qualify?
We are looking for a wide range of products and services that fall under the umbrella of environmental and social impact. Your products or services should be applicable to businesses, since those are our customers. However, we do accept some products/services that are consumer-focused, if they will help employees and thus the employer reach sustainability goals.

TL;DR: If your product/service has a positive impact, apply!
Can you give some examples of products and services?
We have partnered/are hoping to partner with:
- Diversity training tools/consultancies
- Sustainable banking
- Sustainable office supplies
- Sustainable packaging and shipping
- Employee professional development opportunities
- Charitable giving organizations
- Volunteering engagement organizations
What are some of the additional perks?
In addition to getting in front of new customers, we publish partner spotlights on our blog or social media platforms. There are also opportunities for joint events, podcasts, etc. to share how your products/services are helping companies be more sustainable.
How does listing with Ecolytics work?
Fill out this brief form and you're done! Our team will be in touch if we need more information.
Is there a fee to list with Ecolytics?
No. Listing your product or service with Ecolytics is free.
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