Consumers Are Paying More Attention to B Corps Than Ever Before

By Karina Marinovich
June 20, 2024
6 min read


A 2023 survey revealed that American consumers, especially Gen Z and Millennials, value social responsibility and sustainability when deciding whether to open their wallets like never before. This growing market of ethical buyers is demanding more feel-good products that signal a company’s positive impact. The well-recognized B Corp Certification label is a tool to signal a company’s ethical brand identity to concerned consumers deciding which products to support and endorse. B Corp stands out against other certifications due to its high degree of recognition and trust exhibited by consumers. In fact, the survey revealed that 51% of respondents aged 18 to 39 were aware of the B Corp Certification. The B Corp process is selective and rigorous, so a B Corp label on a product’s packaging is well-respected and deserved. 

Meeting Consumers’ Evolving Preferences 

Consumers are increasingly looking for the B Corp stamp of approval while shopping to simplify their decisions of which businesses to support. According to a 2023 survey of over 2,000 respondents, companies’ demonstrated environmental and social impact is highly influential for setting a brand apart from other competitors. Younger generations, in particular, are paying more attention than ever to their carbon footprints. The B Corp logo effectively engages this audience and enhances brand loyalty for certified companies.

Environmental consciousness is trendier than ever, and businesses must respond accordingly in order to maintain a cutting edge in the market. Consumer preferences are evolving around buzzwords like “upcycled” and “going green,” but well-intentioned buyers often do not know where to begin when seeking out truly ethical products. Identifying a sustainable product against countless competitors is nearly  impossible without a standardized label. The easily recognizable B Corp label solves this problem for consumers and for brands attempting to stand out against uncertified brands. 

The 2023 survey found that 36% of Americans are aware of the B Corp label and brand. Gen Z and Millennials exhibit the greatest B Corp awareness at 51% for respondents aged 18 to 39. The majority of people who are aware of the certification also agreed that B Corp is making a positive impact and trust the merits of the label. Seeing labels on products while shopping was reported to be the top source of recall for B Corp awareness. B Corp labeling is a promising method for positively shaping consumer behaviors, guiding both businesses and buyers towards the social and environmental change they are wishing to be a part of.

Breaking Down B Corps  

B Corps are companies that demonstrate a mastering of the delicate balance between purpose and profit. These companies are living proof that impact does not have to be at odds with success. In fact, B Corps outperform their uncertified competitors in revenue growth. B Corps’ investment into their positive impact is worthwhile.

B Corps showcase their ethical purpose with a well-recognized certification, drawing in new streams of young customers who are increasingly choosy about the causes they put their money towards. This growing customer base is loyal to B Corps because their values align, allowing buyers to feel good about where their money is going. B Corps are also highly resilient due to their commitment to treat employees fairly and mitigate their environmental damage in a world that is increasingly aware of climate change and labor rights. 

How Ecolytics Fits In   

Including the B Corp logo in your company’s products signals a commitment to customers, employees, and the environment. Joining the B Corp mission enhances brand loyalty because customers are contributing to a greater cause through their purchase. The B Corp certification process is intentionally rigorous to ensure that the certification is robust and trusted by consumers.

The survey demonstrates that customers, especially younger generations, pay attention to the B Corp label and believe that a product must meet high standards to earn B Corp’s endorsement. Brands that prove their positive impact through the B Corp Certification process are trusted by consumers, allowing their products to stand out against competitors as feel-good purchases. 

Ecolytics is here to streamline the certification process and ensure that a client company’s compliance is up to date. Ecolytics works regularly with B Corp and understands the certification requirements thoroughly, saving your company valuable time and resources throughout the process. Attaining B Corp Certification is an investment in your company’s loyal customers, who are more concerned than ever about spending their money on brands that understand how to balance profit with purpose. Request a demo from Ecolytics today and see how your company can transform its brand identity and gain a cutting edge in a market shifting towards sustainability. 

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