Introducing Ecolytics!

By Max Stern
March 8, 2023
1 min read
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After months of work, we're excited to announce our official launch! Ecolytics is an impact intelligence platform with the mission of making every business sustainable. 

We started Ecolytics to provide a simple, affordable way for companies to see how their business impacts the environment. We work with any business, at any stage, to integrate impact intelligence with traditional metrics. As environmental impact becomes of increasing importance to investors and consumers alike, our services provide businesses with valuable impact data and the capability to join the sustainable economy. 

How it works:

Identify. Ecolytics calculates the eco-impact of your business' software and operations.

We analyze where spending meets impact by analyzing software and operations bills along with other company data.

Improve. Ecolytics offers free, paid, and premium ways to improve your business footprint.

From recommendations on energy efficiency measures to carbon offsets, we help businesses reach sustainability goals and become carbon neutral.

Integrate. Ecolytics offers services to track and publicize company progress, to show the world your eco-accountability efforts.

Showcase your commitment to corporate accountability with a dashboard built for your investors, internal teams and/or entire client base.


Interested? Request a demo for your business, and follow us on social media for more updates. 

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