Partner Spotlight: Climate First Bank

By Ecolytics Team
June 13, 2024
5 min read

At Ecolytics, we are dedicated to forming strong connections with our partners who share our same vision and passion for a more sustainable future. As part of our platform's functionality aimed at enhancing corporate sustainability practices, we offer a vendor marketplace featuring companies offering more sustainable alternatives for products and services. 

In this spotlight, we are excited to share more about one of our partners: Climate First Bank. For companies seeking to divest from fossil fuels and redirect their investments towards a sustainable future, Climate First Bank facilitates this transition. They serve as a pivotal partner in addressing urgent climate issues and safeguarding the nation's ecosystems.

Introducing our Partner: Climate First Bank

Founded in 2021, Climate First Bank is a certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet member that offers banking services with environmental sustainability at its core. As the nation’s first climate-focused bank, Climate First Bank is a full-service community bank offering both personal and commercial banking services. 

Climate First Bank’s Impact

Through innovative banking solutions, such as solar and green loans, Climate First Bank contributes directly towards furthering renewable energy transition and electrification efforts in areas such as rooftop solar, EV charging, and carbon offsets.

“Climate First Bank does business with a purpose. Our mission is to make sustainable finance accessible to everyone," said Ken LaRoe, CEO and Founder of Climate First Bank. "Our model, which merges modern technology with a values-based, community-driven approach, is working. More people every day are joining our movement, voting with their wallets and banking like tomorrow depends on it. In 2023, we reached and exceeded many major milestones; now, we look forward as we prepare to exit de novo in June, and take Climate First Bank nationwide."

Climate First Bank has financed over $35.1mm Commercial and $87.4mm Residential Solar, creating over 43,000 kW of clean solar power. Climate First Bank also has invested over $11.8 million in affordable housing for local communities. 

Why Climate First

Climate First Bank empowers individuals and businesses to harmonize their financial choices with their values. They have pioneered a banking model that envisions finance as a powerful agent for positive change, and are committed to becoming the leading contributor to the reduction of atmospheric CO2. Clients who choose Climate First Bank can anticipate the advantages of low-cost deposit accounts, user-friendly banking technology, high-yield savings opportunities, personal and commercial lending solutions, and an array of community banking services.

Our Partnership

At the heart of our partnership lies the shared goal of creating meaningful impact through social and environmental stewardship. Many companies working with both Ecolytics and Climate First are certified B Corps. For B Corp Certification, one of the questions asked on the assessment is about banking services -- encouraging companies to bank with financial institutions that commit to investing towards sustainable, socially responsible practices.

Climate First Bank is a catalyst for positive change. Their unwavering dedication to sustainability aligns with our core value of impact focused business development, and creating opportunities for companies to grow while also making a positive impact. As we continue to work together, we are excited to see the profound legacy that Climate First Bank will leave on the future of impact investing and green finance.


Interested in learning more about Climate First Bank? Visit their website or Ecolytics’ Marketplace for more information.

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