The Cost of Becoming a B Corp

By Ecolytics Team
March 9, 2023
1 min read
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About B Corp

The B Corporation certification is the most rigorous certification for companies that want to be socially responsible. Some of the top benefits of becoming a B Corp certified company include attracting more investment, joining a community, and achieving a social badge of proof for their work towards sustainability.

  • Investment: B Corp opens up doors for funding opportunities from socially responsible investors who want to invest in businesses that they feel good about investing in because they know they are making an ethical decision.
  • Community: Becoming a B Corp certified company allows you to get into business with other socially responsible companies who have also gone through this process, giving you access to new markets and new opportunities for collaboration.
  • Social badge of proof: The ability to use the "B" logo on your company's website and other marketing materials. This will give your company greater trustworthiness and social responsibility to potential customers, which in turn will lead to more sales and profits.

Read more about the benefits of becoming a B Corp.

Fee Structure

Companies are certified by the B Lab, which is a non-profit organization. To cover the costs of administering the certification, there is a fee to become certified.

Source: B Lab

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