Turning Your Company’s Mission into Concrete Actions

By Harshini Gadudasu
January 29, 2024
5 min read

Many companies have jumped on the trend of addressing climate change by pledging their commitment to sustainability through mission statements. These statements sound promising, and have the potential to entice customers with their intentions. However, there are fundamental steps that must be taken to uphold these mission statements. It is important to create a solid implementation plan that involves transparency and measurable actions.

The rise of climate mission statements

The recent increase in global awareness of climate change has reached new heights, producing a culture of urgency for companies to express their commitment to environmental responsibilities. In response, many have created mission statements that outline their commitment to reduce their carbon footprint, adopt sustainable practices, and dedicate their entities to the fight against climate change.

The issue occurs in the implementation that directly reflects the intentions of these statements. The sustainability rhetoric is oftentimes used to gain consumer support, without the concrete change in operations. In 2018, Amazon released a mission statement stating their aim to reach net-zero emissions by 2040. However, it is evident that Amazon’s emissions have increased by 40% in the past 5 years, and reporting less carbon emissions involved with employee commutes. It is dangerous to set a goal for sustainability efforts without a plan for implementation.

Greenwashing: an ongoing corporate phenomenon

In the realm of corporate sustainability, “greenwashing” has become increasingly common. As consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, any marketing claims not backed by data can quickly fall apart–a critical hit to the trust among stakeholders. This tactic undermines the sincerity of the mission statements, but also creates a culture of distrust between the public and the corporation. 

The need for transparency between companies and stakeholders

Communication between corporations and stakeholders is vital to upholding mission statements. This includes the act of disclosing information about sustainability goals with detail, their progress, and the challenges that might impede it. Opening up about their efforts allows corporations to build trust and invite feedback for the future. Additionally, the act of creating a sustainability strategy is beneficial to a company and its development.

This also creates an environment where stakeholders and consumers will not be shocked by any setbacks to progress. Transparency leads to trust, which leads to more support from the people who value accountability and impactful contributions to the fight against climate change.

The importance of tangible actions 

Implementing sustainability initiatives requires companies to take large strides. Adopting clean technologies, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and analyzing the impact of supply chains are steps that companies must take–steps that go beyond words.

Consumers value authenticity above mere statements, so stepping beyond the superficial changes toward implementing sustainable strategies becomes a testament to a company’s credibility. Setting concrete goals with tangible actions and measurable impacts are vital, and necessary to this. Not only will companies provide meaningful efforts to mitigate climate, but they will also develop benchmarks and competitions for industry peers to follow in this shift.


In summary, corporate mission statements are filled with potential–the promise of a bright and sustainable future. However, a company must uphold these statements with concrete actions. It is imperative that companies use sustainable practices to bring their rhetorics to life. With transparency and concrete actions, corporate commitments become far more authentic and successfully contribute to a more sustainable future.


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