Podcast Feature: Hazel Horvath of Ecolytics: empowering sustainable transformation

Ecolytics Team
August 25, 2022

From The Understory: 

"There is more need now than ever for sustainability in business. With many companies seeing the benefits of adopting more ESG practices, it is important that these initiatives are integrated properly. A lack of standards and digital tools have historically made it difficult and inaccessible for some companies to achieve these goals. A new platform Ecolytics helps businesses measure, report, and integrate their environmental impacts.

In this episode of The Understory Podcast, we speak with Hazel Horvath, CEO and Founder of Ecolytics. Hazel shares how she discovered an ESG educational gap for companies after spending many years working in the environmental sector. She talks about current challenges that companies face when trying to become more sustainable, and how the Ecolytics method for measuring and sharing impact makes it easier for businesses to achieve certifications and other impact recognition. Tune in to learn more about net zero strategies, B Corps, and ESG tools."

See the full transcript and listen to the podcast here: https://www.theunderstory.io/hazel-horvath-of-ecolytics-empowering-sustainable-transformation/

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