Saiia Construction Company is a respected player in the construction industry, known for its commitment to quality, safety, and increasingly, sustainability. Specializing in heavy civil and energy infrastructure projects for the power generation, mineral and aggregate mining, and pulp and paper markets, Saiia has consistently striven to reduce its environmental footprint and uphold its corporate social responsibility. In 2023, Saiia was requested by four major clients to submit a climate change disclosure to CDP, the leading standard for benchmarking carbon emissions and environmental impact for companies and cities globally.

With Ecolytics' domain expertise and experience with CDP disclosures and other leading global sustainability certifications and frameworks, Saiia was able to put together their responses to the CDP climate change questionnaire and submit their disclosure in a matter of weeks.

The Challenge

As Saiia Construction navigated the increasing demand for sustainability information, the challenge was to efficiently manage the growing volume of client requests and prepare for heightened climate compliance standards. The company anticipated a surge in requests as it approached 2025 climate targets and recognized the need for a tool that could streamline data entry, ensure compliance, and position them as leaders in sustainable construction.

With a growing focus on environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts, as well as in response to a climate change disclosure request for CDP, Saiia contracted Ecolytics following a competitive vendor selection process. Ecolytics’ provided software and consulting services to Saiia, enabling them to streamline their carbon accounting and sustainability operations, as well as provide impact reporting services to assist them in preparing for their CDP disclosure submission.

At a Glance
Quick summary
Discover how Saiia Construction harnessed the power of Ecolytics to streamline sustainability reporting, gain a competitive edge, and prepare for the evolving landscape of climate compliance. By leveraging Ecolytics' cost-effective solutions and project management expertise, Saiia Construction not only saved valuable time but also secured the potential for millions in new revenue.

Key milestones

Reduced CDP reporting time

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The CDP disclosure process, which took Saiia months in their previous disclosure to gather information and typically involves hours of manual data entry and processing, was streamlined. With Ecolytics' support, Saiia prepared their CDP submission into a matter of weeks, reducing resource-intensive efforts and associated regulatory compliance costs.

With the data collected by Ecolytics, Saiia also has been able to respond to requests for sustainability compliance from Dominion Energy, EcoVadis, TSSP and more.

Millions in Potential Revenue Unlocked

By adopting Ecolytics, Saiia Construction transformed its approach to sustainability reporting, becoming more competitive in the process. The company estimated a potential for $2-3 million in additional revenue, as the tool enabled them to pursue new opportunities and meet the evolving demands of environmentally conscious clients. This marked a crucial milestone in Saiia Construction's financial growth and sustainability commitment.

Future-Proofing Compliance

Recognizing the impending shift towards penalizing non-compliance, Saiia Construction strategically positioned itself for the future. Ecolytics' project management expertise and back-office IT relationships facilitated quick integration and analysis of climate impacts, ensuring seamless compliance with current requirements. This milestone not only safeguarded existing client relationships but also paved the way for sustained growth by aligning with upcoming standards.

Our Partnership

Next steps

Saiia has continued to use Ecolytics’ sustainability management software beyond submitting their climate change disclosure to CDP due to the versatility the Ecolytics platform offers for comprehensive ESG measurement, improvement, and reporting. With Ecolytics now integrated into their existing tech stack, Saiia has fully automated their carbon accounting and environmental tracking needs.

Saiia's partnership with Ecolytics not only addressed immediate challenges but also positioned the company as a leader in sustainable construction. The case study showcases the transformative impact of Ecolytics in terms of time efficiency, revenue generation, and future-proofing compliance, making it a valuable investment for companies navigating the dynamic landscape of sustainability and climate reporting.

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