Yugen Earthside is a sustainable travel booking platform and advisory service, helping groups discover and book responsible trips while considering all aspects of sustainability. They facilitate eco-tourism opportunities coordinated with local guides that are offset by carbon removals purchased with every trip. With sustainability at the core of their business model, they decided to employ Ecolytics’ software to track their impact and build their business with the highest standards for sustainability.

Using Ecolytics, Yugen Earthside has officially become a net-zero company as of June 15, 2022, only 2 months after starting to work with Ecolytics.

The Challenge

Yugen Earthside wanted to streamline their company's sustainability program to provide accountability and transparency to their customers and to better monitor their total carbon footprint, and so they contracted Ecolytics to help them measure emissions across the entirety of their business operations.

At a Glance
Yugen Earthside
Quick summary
Using Ecolytics, Yugen Earthside measured the carbon footprint of their entire operations and calculated the offsets needed to reach net-zero emissions only two months after starting to use Ecolytics, as a part of their greater goal to become B Corp certified.

Key milestones

Measured carbon footprint

Using Ecolytics, Yugen Earthside measured the carbon footprint of their operations for the first time. Through the automatic collection of billing data, Ecolytics does carbon accounting for all of Yugen Earthside’s operations. Ecolytics first provided a baseline measurement for the company, and now continues to track their carbon emissions.

Reached net-zero

Yugen Earthside already contributes to monthly carbon removals, and sought solutions to offset the balance of their emissions. Ecolytics gave recommendations to reduce emissions by suggesting sustainable alternatives to some of the tools Yugen Earthside uses. Ecolytics also recommended sector-specific certifications to match industry peers. For remaining emissions that cannot be reduced any further, Ecolytics calculates the carbon offset and/or removal credits needed to negate the company’s carbon footprint.

Showcase sustainability progress

Yugen Earthside has created and shared their company action page to transparently communicate the work they’ve done through Ecolytics and beyond. This page gives a single record of progress for Yugen Earthside’s clients, so as the company continues to grow, they can show how they’ve been growing sustainably from the start.

Our Partnership

Yugen Earthside also offers sustainable corporate travel for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events (MICE trips) through the Ecolytics sustainable product/service marketplace. Yugen Earthside helps businesses save time planning and booking corporate trips and retreats that are values-aligned to a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Yugen Earthside ensures all aspects of sustainability are considered in their services, so companies can continue focusing on their business.

Next steps

Yugen Earthside plans on continuing to use Ecolytics to keep tracking their progress and improving. The company plans on becoming B Corp certified and will use Ecolytics to track the necessary reporting metrics for the certification.

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