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Case study

Crossing the B Corp Certification finish line

Piercing Sun Consulting leveraged Ecolytics' integration with the B Impact Assessment to produce their first Annual Impact Report, transforming a year's worth of effort at the push of a button. This progress along with additional social and environmental metric tracking enabled Piercing Sun to successfully submit their B Impact Assessment.
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Reaching net zero emissions

Using Ecolytics, Yugen Earthside measured the carbon footprint of their entire operations and calculated the offsets needed to reach net-zero emissions only two months after starting to use Ecolytics, as a part of their greater goal to become B Corp certified.
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Case study

Streamlining supply chain reporting and regulatory compliance

Discover how Saiia Construction harnessed the power of Ecolytics to streamline sustainability reporting, gain a competitive edge, and prepare for the evolving landscape of climate compliance. By leveraging Ecolytics' cost-effective solutions and project management expertise, Saiia Construction not only saved valuable time but also secured the potential for millions in new revenue.
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